CPS series single-phase AC power supplies

The Elettrotest CPS series single-phase AC power supplies consists of four models increasing in power from 1000VA to 10000VA.
The voltage range of this series AC power supplies is 0-300V L-N and that over a frequency range of 10 to 80Hz.

All Elettrotest CPS AC power supplies from the single-phase series have an inrush current capability of 2x the rated current. And for three seconds. This is interesting, for example, for controlling motors, compressors and switch mode power supplies, where the initial current is often significantly higher than the rated current.

Standard the CPS series single-phase AC power supplies have an RS-232 interface. A GPIB or LAN interface is also optionally available.
A Labview driver is available if you want to use this AC power supply in an automated environment. The power supplies are protected against short circuits, overloads and excessive temperatures.

It is important to know that these power supplies are not insulated. Optionally, an insulation transformer is possible.

In the CPS series AC power supplies of Elettrotest, the neutral at the input is connected to the neutral at the output, so that these AC supplies are not isolated. An output transformer is optionally available with the advantage that you can also get higher voltages.

The CPS 1-phase model series consists of:

  • CPS-M-1000/2000
  • CPS-M-2500/5000
  • CPS-M-5000/10000
  • CPS-M-10000/20000


There are also three-phase models available in the CPS series with a maximum capacity of 40kVA.
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