We no longer have the TTi EL-R series in our product range, please refer to our overview page.

The EL-R series DC power supplies are among the most popular laboratory supplies. Eight different models offer the user a DC power supply from 30 to 130 watts, with 1,2 or 3 outputs, in the voltage ranges of 0-15Vdc, 0-18Vdc, 0-30Vdc and 0-56Vdc. Linear regulation ensures the best possible performance, including low noise levels and a quick response to changing loads. The EL-R series is also equipped with 4-digit V/I meters, an output on/off switch and remote sensing.

Thurbly Thandar Instruments (TTI) has a particularly versatile range of DC power supplies for laboratory use. Intended as a standard power supply for use on the workbench, in a test setup and suitable for both manual operation and remote applications.

TTI carries DC power supplies with a single, double or even tripple output, which can generally be used independently or in series/parallel mode. The power range is 30 to 1,200 Watts. The power control used is based on linear, mixed mode of power flex. Interfaces for remote control are, depending on model or version, analog, USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN.

The EL-R series models:

  • EL301R One 0 to 30V 0 to 1A 30W
  • EL183R One 0 to 18V 0 to 3A 60W
  • EL302R One 0 to 30V 0 to 30V 0 to 2A 60W
  • EL561R One 0 to 56V 0 to 1A 60W
  • EL155R One 0 to 15V 0 to 5A 75W
  • EL303R One 0 to 30V 0 to 30V 0 to 3A 90W
  • EL302RD Two two 0 to 30V 0 to 30V 0 to 2A 120W
  • EL302RT Three 0 to 30V 0 to 2A 130W 1A 130W – 5V @2A

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