NF EC series single-phase AC power supplies

The NF Corporation EC series of single-stage AC power supplies consists of the models EC 750SA and EC 1000SA. Both are portable single-phase AC power supplies with 750VA and 1000VA output respectively. There are two voltage ranges in AC mode: 0-155V L-N and 0-310V L-N.
(The 310V is especially interesting for the LED drivers. This is part of the standard for testing LED drivers.)
The frequency range is adjustable from 1 to 550Hz.
In DC mode, the voltage ranges of the NF EC Series are: -220 V to +220 Vdc or -440 V to +440 Vdc. The possibility of negative DC voltages is also striking in this unit. There is also an AC + DC mode in which the AC signals can have a certain offset compared to ground.

More than just an AC power supply

The EC series from NF Corporation is equipped with powerful measurement functions such as voltage (including average and peak values), current, frequency, power factor, power (VA, W and VAR), but harmonic analysis is also possible.
Do you need a power analyser for your application? TTMS also has an extensive range of power meters.
The large LCD display makes it easy to operate and provides a clear representation of the measurement results.
In addition to Sinus, the EC power supply also has a Square output and a possibility of an arbitrary waveform output. The external signal input also makes the power supply suitable as an amplifier or makes it possible to superimpose an external signal to the set AC signal.

The EC series single-phase AC power supplies have a standard USB and RS-232 interface. The extensive software included in the scope of the free package also simplifies sequences and arbitrary waveforms. This way data logging becomes very simple as well.

Its striking dimensions and limited weight make the EC 750SA/EC 1000SA ideal as a flexible AC power supply for both R&D and production applications.

The EC 1-stage model series consists of:

  • NF EC 750SA
  • NF EC 1000SA

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