Drago 4934 portable liquid baths from Isotech

The Drago 4934 is one of Isotech’s portable liquid baths. The bath has a calibration volume of 65mm x 160mm deep. Stirring liquid baths are suitable for temperature sensors of all types, sizes and shapes. Liquid baths have smaller calibration uncertainties than dry blocks. When used in combination with a suitable reference thermometer, accuracies of up to 0.005 °C can be achieved.

The Isotech Drago 4934 models are part of the award-winning Isocal-6 family. With a reference probe combined with various accessories for dry block, infrared, surface calibration and even ITS-90 fixed point cells, uncertainties up to 0.001°C can be achieved.

In dry block mode, the large 65 mm diameter block allows the calibration of large probes or the calibration of many sensors simultaneously. As a liquid bath, you can place the sensors directly into the stirred liquid, eliminating the need for special pierced blocks.

You can use the liquid directly in the block, the model with only the controller, or the Basic model, is sufficient. However, instead of using liquids directly in the block, liquid containers can also be used to quickly change liquids.

For greater accuracy, or when using a liquid container, dry block insert, blackbody target or the surface Sensor Kit, a separate reference thermometer can be used. This compensates for the alternating off set between the controller and the accessory temperature.
An ideal solution could also be the:

  • The handheld Isotech TTI-10
  • The bench top Isotech milliK precision thermometer
  • Model 935-14-16 Semi standard platinum resistance thermometer


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