The Cropico DO7Plus is a robust and portable digital 10 A microOhm meter in a lockable ABS housing. It is IP67 when closed, IP53 with open lid. The four-wire connection eliminates measurement errors caused by the resistance of the connecting leads. Further features include digital calibration, accurate backlight graphics LCD readout and full QWERTY keyboard. The measuring range runs from 6 mΩ to 6 k Ω and the resolution is 100 nΩ in the lowest range. Temperature compensation is possible via an optional Pt100 probe. For this purpose, temperature coefficients of copper and aluminium have already been entered and can be added by the user. Full cooling curves are built in and can be displayed in real-time on the LCD.

The internal battery makes it possible to measure with 10 A in the lowest range without an external power supply.

Technical Specifications

Range Current Resolution FSV Uncertainty
6.0000mΩ 10A 100nΩ 60mV ±(0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)
60.000mΩ 1A 1µΩ 60mV ±(0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)
600.00mΩ 100mA 10µΩ 60mV ±(0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)
6.0000Ω 10mA 100µΩ 60mV ± (0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)
60.000Ω 1mA 1mΩ 60mV ± (0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)
600.00Ω 100µA 10mΩ 60mV ± (0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)
6.0000 kΩ 100µA 100mΩ 600mV ± (0.05% Rdg +0.01% FS)


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