The Cropico DO7e MicroOhmmeter is a robust and portable digital microOhm meter with protection up to 415 Vrms in a lockable ABS housing. The four-wire connection eliminates measurement errors caused by the resistance of the connecting leads. Further noteworthy features are the digital calibration and an accurate reading. The measuring range runs from 6 mΩ to 600 Ω and the resolution is 1 µΩ in the lowest range. The internal battery makes it possible to measure with 10 A in the lowest range without an external power supply.

The DO7e has a microcontroller that offers the best measurement, reliability and capabilities. Auto Ranging, forward and reverse current measurements with auto average and remote start socket are built in as well as battery saving power down.


Range Resolution Typical Current Accuracy @ 20°C±5°C 1 year Temp Coefficient/°C
600Ω 100mΩ 1mA ±(0.25% Rdg +0.05% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
60Ω 10mΩ 10mA ±(0.25% Rdg +0.05% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
1mΩ 100mA ±(0.25% Rdg +0.05% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
600mΩ 100µΩ 1A ±(0.25% Rdg +0.05% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
60mΩ 10µΩ 1A ±(0.25% Rdg +0.05% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
6mΩ 1µΩ 10A ±(0.25% Rdg +0.05% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 250ppm FS


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