The Cropico DO7010 MicroOhm meter is a very robust and compact battery-powered digital microOhm meter with temperature compensation. The built-in NiMh batteries make it possible to measure both 1 A and 10 A on all ranges except the highest. Flexible measuring with high accuracy is coupled with exceptional functionality.

The DO7010 MicroOhm meter is controlled by a microcontroller providing the highest reliability and most functionality. Measurement can be started automatically as soon as the test leads are applied to the object under test to allow fast, unassisted operation. The data logging function can handle up to 1000 measurements with date and time.


Range Resolution Typical Current FSV Accuracy at 20°C±5°C 1 year
1 mΩ 100 m A/1 A ±(0.1% Rdg +0.1% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
600 mΩ 100 µΩ 1/10 A ±(0.1% Rdg +0.1% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
60 mΩ 10 µΩ 1/10 A ±(0.1% Rdg +0.1% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS
6 mΩ 1 µΩ 1/10 A ±(0.1% Rdg +0.1% FS) 40ppm Rdg + 30ppm FS


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