The Cropico DO6 is an extended digital microOhm meter with temperature compensation with a measuring range from 1 µΩ to 200 kΩ. The measuring range can be set manually and automatically. For measuring contact resistances according to international standards, a voltage limiting function is built in. The RS-232 interface makes it easy to integrate the instrument into an automated measuring system. Hi/Lo limits can be set via this interface. For measuring inductive circuits, the Cropico DO6 has a special protection circuit against high voltages. This is easy to switch on.


For the key specifications, see the table below.

Range Resolution Typical Current Accuracy @ 20°C ±5°C
1 year
Temperature Coefficient/°C
20.000mΩ 1µ 1A ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
200.00mΩ 10µ 100mA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
2.0000mΩ 100µ 10mA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
20.000Ω 1m 10mA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
200.00Ω 10m 1mA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
2.000k 100m 1mA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
20.000kΩ 1Ω 100µA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm
200.00k 10 10µA ± (0.05% FS) < 50ppm


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