The Cropico DO4A is a robust and portable digital milliOhm meter with protection up to 415 Vrms. The four-wire connection eliminates measurement errors caused by the resistance of the connecting leads. Further features are digital calibration and an accurate reading. The measuring range runs from 10 µΩ to 4 kΩ.

The instrument has a direct reading. For example, warning LEDs light up when a fault in the open circuit is detected. There is also an indication of the range and low battery voltage. The DO4A is delivered ready to use with battery, power cord and test leads, normally no extras are needed.

The internal battery of the Cropico DO4A milliOhm meter makes it possible to work for more than 14 hours without an external power supply.


Range Resolution Typical Current Accuracy @ 20°C±5°C 1 year Temperature Coefficient (°C)
4kΩ 100μA ±(0.05% Rdg +0.02% FS) 30ppm Rdg + 1ppm FS
400Ω 100Ω 1mA ±(0.05% Rdg +0.02% FS) 30ppm Rdg + 1ppm FS
40Ω 10Ω 10mA ±(0.05% Rdg +0.02% FS) 30ppm Rdg + 1ppm FS
1mΩ 10mA ± (0.05% Rdg +0.03% FS) 30ppm Rdg + 4ppm FS
400mΩ 100μΩ 10mA ± (0.05% Rdg +0.05% FS) 30ppm Rdg + 25ppm FS
40mΩ 10μΩ 100mA ± (0.05% Rdg +0.05% FS) 30ppm Rdg + 25ppm FS


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