Cinergia GE/EL+ VAC/DC Regenerative Converter

The versatile Cinergia GE/EL+ vAC/DC Regenerative Converter combines all Cinergia models in one unit. A 4 quadrant AC Grid Emulator and AC regenerative load combined with a bi-directional DC power supply and regenerative DC load. This makes the unit widely usable in many applications. Think of battery testing, battery characterisation, battery emulation, PV panel simulation and testing of solar inverters.

The simulation of smart grids and micro grids and the testing of bi-directional inverters are strongly on the rise, this to support the electricity grid. The built-in amplifier also makes the unit suitable for Power Hardware In the Loop (PHIL) testing. In short, a high-performance machine that feels at home on all terrains.
The Cinergia GE/EL+ vAC/DC is available in 13 models with power ratings from 7.5kW to 160kW. This can be extended to >2MW by connecting several units in parallel.


With the Cinergia GE/EL+ vAC/DC in AC mode, it is possible to switch full power in both single- and three-phase mode. All the parameters (amplitude, phase, frequency, etc.) of each phase can be set individually and can therefore be controlled independently of each other. The extended harmonic generator makes it possible to program up to 50 harmonics (2500Hz) per phase in amplitude and phase. In addition, 20 freely selectable sub- and inter harmonics per phase are possible. Complex test sequences can be self-configured including dips, spikes, flicker and frequency variations. Tests according to certain standards such as IEC 61000-4-11/13/14/18, IEC 1668 and SEMI F47 are available as sequences. But also certain production test sequences are of course possible. The sequences are stored internally and run independently of PC communication. Acting as an electronic AC load, the required active and reactive power can be set per phase. Full inductive or capacitive load is also possible. To act as an RLC load, resistance (0.8 to 1000Ohm), induction (0.1 to 2000mH) and capacity (0 to 3.7mF) are adjustable. This is particularly important for the new anti-islanding testing standards.


Thanks to the unique multi-channel design, the power of the Cinergia GE/EL+ vAC/DC in DC mode can also be distributed over one or three bi-directional channels. Each channel can be individually set and controlled in CV, CC, CR or CP mode, as well as alarm settings and safety limits. By default the maximum output voltage is 750Vdc but in DC mode it is also possible to connect two units in series. Through the combination of series and parallel switching you have the full power of both units available over a voltage range of 250Vdc to 1500Vdc (depending on the model). Also in DC mode it is possible to build and execute automatic sequences.


The Cinergia GE/EL+ vAC/DC is equipped with an intuitive User Interface, which can be operated with the built-in 4.3 inch touch screen or with the PC software. Via the LAN connection the unit can be controlled with Modbus or Labview. Optionally, extensive software is available for Battery Emulation, Battery Pack Testing and PV panel Emulation.


Reference AC Power DC Power  AC Current DC Current
Rated (9) Rated (9) Rated (9) RMS Rated (9) RMS
3 channels / 1 channel 3 channels / 1 channel
GE&EL+7.5 vAC/DC 7.5kW 7.5kW 11A / 33A ±10A / ±30A
GE&EL+10 vAC/DC 10kW 10kW 15A / 45A ±15A / ±45A
GE&EL+15 vAC/DC 15kW 15kW 22A / 66A ±20A / ±60A
GE&EL+20 vAC/DC 20kW 20kW 29A / 87A ±25A / ±75A
GE&EL+30 vAC/DC 27kW 27kW 40A / 120A ±30A / ±90A
GE&EL+40 vAC/DC 40kW 40kW 58A / 174A ±40A / ±120A
GE&EL+50 vAC/DC 50kW 50kW 73A / 219A ±50A / ±150A
GE&EL+60 vAC/DC 54kW 54kW 80A / 240A ±57A / ±171A
GE&EL+80 vAC/DC 80kW 80kW 116A / – ±105A / ±315A
GE&EL+100 vAC/DC 100kW 100kW 145A / – ±130A / ±390A
GE&EL+120 vAC/DC 108kW 108kW 157A / – ±130A / ±390A
GE&EL+160 vAC/DC 145kW 145kW 211A / – ±155A / ±465A
GE&EL+200 vAC/DC 160kW 160kW 232A / – ±185A / ±555A


  • AC voltage from 20V to 277Vrms (optional 295Vl-n)
  • Power from 7.5kVA to 200kVA (7.5kW to 160kW in DC mode)
  • Peak power is 200% of nominal power
  • DC voltage from 20V to 750Vdc (optional 800Vdc)
  • 50 harmonic
  • One or three channels DC, single or three phase AC
  • Power Factor of 0-1 in AC load mode.
  • Battery test capability
  • Battery emulation possibility
  • Solar panel emulation possibility


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