Cinergia GE-AC series regenerative Grid Emulators

  • 3 phase
  • 4 kwadrant / regeneratief
  • 0-580Vrms, L-L
  • 15kVA up to 200kVA
  • Including harmonics generation (up to 15th)
  • Ethernet, RS485 (optional)

The Cinergia GE-AC series regenerative Grid Emulators

Cinergia GE-AC series regenerative Grid Emulators are AC power sources, which have been developed specifically to create AC grids and emulate disturbances at this voltage. Thanks to the bi-directional hardware concept of these grid emulators, energy can be supplied to the load, but also taken back and even returned from the load to the electricity grid.

The Cinergia GE-AC series regenerative Grid Emulators are 4-quadrant AC power supplies, which can be used for testing a variety of products. The regenerative concept makes the GE AC series ideal for testing solar inverters, simulating micro GRIDs and energy-saving applications.

With the GE-AC series, GRID emulators can be realized from 7.5 kVA to 1200 kVA.  The output voltage (L-N) can be set between 0-277Vrms (optional 0-295Vrms) per phase, The frequency is adjustable over a range of 10-400Hz. There is an overload capability of 150% of the rated power for 60 sec. This is particularly interesting for capacitive and inductive loads with a high inrush current.

Testing according to SEMI F47 or IEC standards?

Simulation of various distortions (GRID disturbances) such as harmonics of the voltage, Flicker, interruptions and voltage dips, over- and undervoltage and frequency variations are easy to program by the user via the extensive software program. The software also includes sequences for automated tests or, for example, Semi F47 tests.

The GE-AC series have extensive measurement functions and can be operated both manually and via the standard LAN Ethernet with Modbus/TCP protocol. Optionally, RS485, RS232 or CANbus communication is also possible.

The different models

The Cinergia GE-AC series consist of the following models:

  • GE 7.5-AC
  • GE10-AC
  • GE15-AC
  • GE20-AC
  • GE30-AC
  • GE40-AC
  • GE50-AC
  • GE60-AC
  • GE80-AC
  • GE100-AC
  • GE120-AC
  • GE160-AC
  • GE200-AC


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