The Cinergia EL series DC loads

The Cinergia EL series DC loads is characterized by the 4-quadrant concept. This ensures that the absorbed energy is not dissipated in heat, but returned to the grid. This is why these DC loads are characterized as a regenerative load: the Green electronic taxation.

Cinergia EL serie DC loads individual “LOAD” channels

The EL-DC contains three individual “LOAD” channels, which can be used independently. Parallel use of the three channels creates a single-phase load, suitable for 3 times the maximum current per phase. This electronic load can be operated in Constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) or constant resistance (CR) mode.

Within the voltage range of 0-750 Vdc (ch-com) or -350 to +350Vdc (ch-ch), load currents are adjustable from 10Arms to 185Arms in 3 ch mode, 30Arms to 555Arms in 1 ch mode depending on the model. When operating the Cinergia EL series DC load, it is recommended to use the optional isolating transformer to achieve galvanic isolation.

Energy saving 

In the Cinergia EL series DC loads the power consumption is converted back into AC voltage and power. Obviously this saves a lot on energy costs. In addition to saving energy from supplied back energy, air-conditioning costs are often also saved by converting power consumption into heat in a traditional set-up. Which consequently needs to be repeatedly compensated with cooling. More important than energy saving is often the connection to the energy grid. Due to the return of energy, a lighter grid connection often is sufficient. This saves considerably on monthly costs and even more when new cables need to be drawn for a heavier connection.

The Cinergia EL-DC regenerative loads have extensive measurement functions and can be operated manually as well as via LAN Ethernet with Modbus/TCP protocol. Optionally, RS485, RS232 or CANbus communication is also possible.  The specifically developed Graphical user interface is standard available.

The Cinergia EL series DC load models

The Cinergia EL-DC series regenerative loads consist of the following models:

  • EL10-DC (9kW)
  • EL15-DC (13,5kW)
  • EL20-DC (18kW)
  • EL30-DC (27kW)
  • EL40-DC (36kW)
  • EL50-DC (45kW)
  • EL60-DC (54kW)
  • EL80-DC (72kW)
  • EL100-DC (90kW)
  • EL120-DC (108kW)
  • EL160-DC (128kW)
  • EL200-DC (160kW)

The Cinergia EL series also contain EL-AC and EL AC+DC models.


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