The Cinergia EL series ePlus regenerative AC loads

The Cinergia EL series AC loads are regenerative electric AC loads. For example, a load pattern can be simulated for a house or an entire street. Thanks to the EL-AC’s 4-quadrant concept, the energy absorbed is not dissipated into heat but returned to the grid. This is referred to as a regenerative load.

Cinergia’s advanced DSP technology makes it possible to generate pure capacitive and inductive currents with the AC load as well, thus obtaining reactive power. It is therefore possible to create any desired power factor with this load in a specific power simulation. This makes this series of loads particularly distinctive and an excellent replacement for R, L, C loads used, for example, in anti-island applications for testing solar panel inverters.

Individual “LOAD” channels

The Cinergia EL series AC load contains three individual “LOAD” channels, which can be used independently of each other, but also as a balanced or unbalanced 3-phase load. Parallel use of the three channels makes a 1-phase load, suitable for 3 x the maximum current. The operation of this electronic load is in constant current (CC), constant power (CP) or constant impedance (CI) mode.

Within the voltage range of 0-277V, L-N, load currents are adjustable from 0-10Arms to 0-230Arms with three individual channels, depending on the model. In single channel mode this is 0-30Arms to 0-690Arms. Optionally, a voltage range of 0-295V L-N is also available.

It is also possible to create harmonic distortion of the current up to the 50th harmonic. Thus, the behaviour of single-phase or three-phase rectifiers can also be simulated. Various simulations can thus be freely programmed by the user. In addition to harmonic distortions, it is also possible to program inter-harmonic distortions. This is possible up to a maximum of 20 different frequencies with a maximum of 2500 Hz.

The EL-vAC regenerative loads from Cinergia have extensive measurement functions and can be controlled both manually and via the standard LAN Ethernet with Modbus/TCP protocol. Optionally RS485, RS232 or CANbus communication is also possible. The specially developed graphical user interface is supplied by Cinergia.

The models

The EL series AC loads from Cinergia consists of the following models:

  • 10kVA EL10-AC
  • 15kVA EL15-AC
  • 20kVA EL20-AC
  • 30kVA EL30-AC
  • 40kVA EL40-AC
  • 50kVA EL50-AC
  • 60kVA EL60-AC
  • 80kVA EL80-AC
  • 100kVA EL100-AC
  • 120kVA EL120-AC
  • 160kVA EL160-AC
  • 200kVA EL200-AC


In the EL series of Cinergia there are also EL-DC models and EL AC+DC models available.


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