The Cinergia DCPS series DC power supplies

The Cinergia DCPS series DC power supplies are part of the Cinergia DC product line. These have been specifically developed for generating a DC voltage, DC current, DC power, or for example a voltage/current profile for charging a battery. Thanks to the bi-directional hardware concept, the DCPS can operate both as a DC power supply and a DC load, where the absorbed energy is delivered back to the electricity grid.

The DCPS series DC power supplies are available from 9 kW to 160 kW and for a voltage range of up to 750V. The unit is really a triple power supply in which each output can be used independently. You can, therefore, set different voltage, current and power values per channel and even use one channel as load and the other as a power supply.

By switching the three channels in parallel, a single channel DC power supply is created with maximum voltage and current per unit. These power supplies operate according to the constant power principle: from 20-300V the maximum power is limited by the maximum current. Over 300V the maximum current is limited by the unit’s maximum power in combination with the set voltage. The power supplies can also be used as a bipolar DC power supply with a voltage range of up to +350V and -350V. The power is limited to 1/3 of the maximum power. When using DCPS power supplies, it is recommended to use the optional isolation transformer to achieve a galvanic separation from earth.

Extensive software control

The DCPS series DC power supplies are easy to operate with the front panel of the unit. However, extensive software is also included with these models. This makes operation very simple and gives you access to all the measurement results. Also, functions such as sequence mode and saving/recall of settings are possible. By default, these models have a LAN Ethernet interface with Modbus/TCP protocol. Optionally, RS485, RS232 or CANbus communication is possible.

The different models of the Cinergia DCPS series DC power supplies

The DCPS series DC power supplies from Cinergia consist of the following models:

  • DCPS10 (9kW)
  • DCPS15 (13,5kW)
  • DCPS20 (18kW)
  • DCPS30 (27kW)
  • DCPS40 (36kW)
  • DCPS50 (45kW)
  • DCPS60 (54kW)
  • DCPS80 (72kW)
  • DCPS100 (90kW)
  • DCPS120 (108kW)
  • DCPS160 (128kW)
  • DCPS200 (160kW)


Cinergia also has a battery charger/discharger and a battery emulator available in the DC series.


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