The Chroma 12061 Digital Bench Multimeter

The Chroma 12061 digital bench multimeter offers a combination of speed, accuracy, and high measurement performance. The instrument can be used independently as well as in a measuring system to meet your needs.

The operation allows you to select the most frequently used functions at the touch of a button. The settings allow optimal configuration of measuring speed, accuracy, and resolution. The meter has a fast, low interference AD converter with a maximum speed of 2000 measurements per second and therefore has the best solution for fast measurement.

Measurement features

The 12061 Digital Bench Multimeter from Chroma has eleven measurement functions such as DC voltage and current, AC voltage and current, 2/4 wire resistance measurement, period time, frequency, diode test, contact measurement and temperature, plus mathematical functions such as NULL, Max/Min/Avg, High/Low limit, Percentage/Ratio/MX+B, dB, dBm and so on. Together with the trigger and storage functions, the Chroma 12061 is the right tool for these basic measurements.

For use in a test system, Chroma supports various software for different control platforms.


A120000                                 Multi-point Scanner card (10CH)
A120001                                 Thermal-measurement Adapter
A120002                                 Multi-point Scanner Card (20CH)
A120003                                 HV Probe (1000:1)
A120004                                 Multi-point TC Scanner card (10CH)


For more information about digital multimeters, please refer to the overview page.


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