The safety standard for medical equipment is very strict. Because medical equipment is often in contact with the patient, doctor and nurses, various electrical safety tests and in particular the leakage current test are of great importance. And as the standardization requirements and standards of electrical equipment increase, the cost of testing can increase. To help electrical equipment manufacturers control these costs and reduce product risks, Chroma offers the 8900 Electrical Equipment Automatic Test System (ATS) as the best solution for programming complicated test procedures. Such as, for example, medical safety tests and functional tests. But also for safety tests and functional tests related to the instrument.


The system can combine different testers and required power supplies, depending on your questions. The software is an open architecture and therefore adaptable to the special test procedures required. Chroma 19200 can consist of different modules for special medical equipment test achieves flexible and time-saving. Chroma 8900 electrical equipment automatic test system with 19200 (8910 Medical Electrical Safety ATS) can store Test procedure and result via computer for data mining and research of the line manager and quality control department.

For more information about safety testers, please refer to the overview page.

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