The Chroma 63200E series DC loads

Chroma 63200E series DC loads are high power direct current loads with a choice of three operating voltages: 150 V, 600 V, and 1,200 V. The outputs range from 2 kW to 24 kW and in master/slave combination even up to 240 kW. The maximum power principle of this design gives you a wide coverage of voltage and current through one unit. As an example, I would like to mention the 2kW, 0-150V model. The maximum current of this model is 200A. At 10V you can, therefore, achieve the maximum power while the maximum voltage is 150V. A wide range like this is unique.

The standard load mode of the Chroma 63200E

The electronic loads of the Chroma 63200E series can work in CV, CC, CR, CP or CZ modes. In CZ  (constant impedance) mode we can also test the activation characteristics of power supplies by simulating capacitive loads.

New designs of electronic devices often work at very high switching speeds and require a fast reaction to a transient. In addition, one often wants to test for dynamic loading. With the Chroma 63200E  series DC loads you can set the rise and fall time as well as the duty cycle, and up to a maximum frequency of 5kHz.
In addition, you can also download a charging profile in the unit with which you can simulate, for example, the load cycle of an electric car.

Features of the Chroma series 63200E DC loads

The Chroma 63200E series has protection devices for overloading current, power, temperature, and voltage. If the voltage is connected incorrectly (reverse polarity), an alarm will be given. These loads are standard equipped with a USB interface and can optionally be extended with a GPIB or LXI interface. The soft panel software is supplied free of charge so that you can easily create charging profiles as well as test battery discharge.


The Chroma 63200E series DC loads are reliable precision instruments, ideal for validation tests and automatic integration of test systems. These high power loads are designed for testing in the electric vehicle industry, such as DC charging stations, car battery discharge, charger components, and other power electronics. With its high power, parallel control and dynamic synchronization functions, this load is ideal for automotive batteries, fuel cells and much more.

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