The Chroma 63200A series DC loads 2kW – 24kW

Chroma 63200A series DC loads now consists of 32 models in power increasing from 2kW to 24kW. Models are available with a maximum voltage range from 60V to 1200V. The 1200V DC load is quite unique and has been developed specifically for the ever-increasing demand from the automotive industry and solar panel inverter industry where people work with ever-increasing voltages. Besides the usual CC, CR, CR, CV and CV modes, more complex tests can also be made in CR+CC, CR+CV and CC+CV modes. There is also a CZ (Constant Impedance) mode for simulating inrush currents. Up to 10 units can be switched in master/slave for higher power. It is also possible to program dynamic loads. Unique in this series is the synchronization of the loads. This means that all outputs can be loaded synchronously in case of multiple loads. And even in the dynamic load mode.

The latest technology

The Chroma 63200A series DC loads have been developed with the latest DSP and FET technology. This makes it possible to combine dynamic loads with a frequency sweep up to 50kHz. More advanced load profiles can be realized in combination with, for example, an arbitrary function generator. The 63200 series is standard equipped with a USB interface and can optionally be extended with a LAN/Ethernet or a GPIB interface. Softpanel software is standard included and a Labview driver is available.

The extremely high resolution and accuracy of the Chroma 63200A series DC loads

The Chroma 62300A series DC loads have an extremely high resolution and accuracy, partly because there are three voltage ranges as well as three power ranges available per unit. In the lowest current range, the maximum current is already available at 0.15V. A high speed data acquisition system is also integrated for storing the test data. Furthermore, the 63200A series is able to cope with a brief 300% overload. All this is packed in an incredibly small housing and cooled with low noise temperature controlled fans.

The model range consists of three voltages and 12 powers, respectively 60V,  150V, 600V and 1200V for voltage and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 and 24kW for the power output.

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