The 61800 series of three-phase AC power supplies

The Chroma 61800 series three-phase AC power supplies are regenerative grid emulators. The series consists of seven models with 9 kVA, 12kVA, 15 kVA, 30kVA, 45kVA, 60kVA and 105kVA power respectively. This can be extended by a master / slave linking of 5 units up to a maximum of 300kVA. The 61800 units are complete 4-quadrant AC power supplies. They are not just an AC power supply but also a regenerative AC load. The regenerative concept makes the 61800 series ideal for testing solar panel inverters, simulating a micro grid and applications with electric vehicles.

The output voltage (L-N) can be set between 0-300Vrms (optional 0-400Vrms L-N) per phase, the frequency being adjustable over a range from 30Hz to 100Hz. Both frequency and voltage can be increased and lowered slowly with a programmable slew rate. Incidentally, these power supplies can also be used as a single-stage AC source. With a Crest Factor (CF) of three, the unit is also suitable for high peak currents.

Testing according to IEC standards?

The growing use of PV/solar inverters, wind energy systems, etc. increases the need for clean and reliable energy sources. Test standards have been developed for this purpose, such as IEEE 1547, IEC 61000-3-15 and IEC 62116, which are related to this type of grid emulators and for which this series can be used. The 61800 is also suitable for use in smart GRID and EV related test applications, such as in Vehicle to GRID (V2G) and Energy Storage System (ESS). As an AC power supply, the 61800 series can be used for test applications such as IEC 61000-3-2-2/-3-3/-3-1/-3-1/-3-12.

All these tests are easy to execute thanks to the extensive software supplied free of charge.
An RS-232, GPIB, USB and Ethernet interface are standard included. Additionally, there is also an analog interface available that transforms this power supply into an amplifier. In combination with an arbitrary waveform generator you can produce any desired waveform.

Extensive measurement functions also ensure good documentation of the actual values of current, voltage and power. Control and readout of the measured values are carried out via the large LCD display.

The Chroma ATE 61800 Series consists of the following models:

  • Chroma 61809, 9kVA
  • Chroma 61812, 12kVA
  • Chroma 61815, 15kVA
  • Chroma 61830, 30 kVA
  • Chroma 61845, 45 kVA
  • Chroma 61860, 60 kVA
  • Chroma 61800-105, 105kVA


Are you looking for higher power levels? TTMS carries regenerative grid emulators up to 1200kVA.
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