Chroma 61800 Regenerative Grid Emulators new models

The Chroma 61800 Regenerative Grid Emulators are full 4 quadrant, AC power supplies that can be used for testing a wide range of different products. Of course we can also test all products with an AC power supply, but then complemented with applications in which an AC load is also required. The regenerative concept makes the 61800 series extremely suitable for testing PV inverters and testing V2G chargers. But also for bi-directional AC applications, simulation of an AC micro grid and energy saving applications.

Within the 61800 series three new low power models have been added to the existing range of high power models (30kW to 105kW).

The new models within this series are:

  • 9 kVA – Chroma 61809
  • 12 kVA – Chroma 61812
  • 15 kVA – Chroma 61815

These new models are housed in a strikingly small 19″ housing only 3U high. This means the unit takes up less space and gives you more flexibility when configuring your system cabinet or test bench.

Specifications Chroma 61800 Regenerative Grid Emulators

The Chroma 61809, 61812 and 61815 models are fully regenerative, allowing operational cost savings. Furthermore, these AC grid simulators are suitable for both single phase and three-phase applications, at an output voltage of 0-350 Vrms (L-N) and a base frequency of 30 to 100Hz. There is a possibility to define 50 harmonics of the base frequency (50 or 60Hz). In DC mode the voltage range is 0-495V. It is possible to connect up to three units in parallel to a single phase or three-phase system with a power of 45kW in a 9U high setup.

Particularly the bi-directional power conversion applications as there are within the EV market (V2G (Vehicle to Grid), V2L (Vehicle to Load) and V2H (Vehicle to Home)) and the demand for new energy storage possibilities, fit perfectly with these models.

The Chroma 61809/61812/61815 models therefore offer a complete power test solution for the EVSE test regulation SAE J1772 (AC Level 1, AC Level 2) and China OBC test regulation QC/T895. With the regenerative function and optional AC load function, these models can meet the requirements of bi-directional on-board charger (BOBC) test applications.
Using the PLD (power line disturbances) function, list, pulse and step mode. You can program variations in the output according to certain standards. These tests can be stored as a sequence in the internal memory.

Operation of the units is simple with the intelligent touch screen that provides users with an intuitive user interface. This allows you to quickly perform multiple settings and operations. Operation is also possible using the soft panel software supplied free of charge. The units are standard equipped with a USB and LAN interface (optional CAN and GPIB).


Keywords for this AC power supply are also:

  • Grid emulator
  • AC source
  • Regenerative
  • Smart Grid
  • 1/3 phase
  • Remote control via RS232, LAN, GPIB, USB


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