The Chroma 61600 series single-phase AC power supplies

The Chroma 61600 series single-phase AC power supplies consists of five models increasing in a capacity from 500VA to 4 kVA.
The output voltage is divided into two ranges; 0-150Vrms and 0-300Vrms.
Due to the so-called directly coupled output stage, it is also possible to generate a DC voltage or AC+DC output voltage.
In DC mode, this corresponds to a voltage range of 0-212Vdc or 0-424Vdc. In AC mode, the 61600 AC power supply has a frequency range from 15Hz to 1000Hz.
The maximum current doubled in the low voltage range.
Due to the high crest factor, the unit can also be used in combination with short high peak currents.
There is also a possibility to set a slew rate for the voltage and frequency for specific tests.
All Chroma AC power supplies have a separate measurement function for the quantities U, I, Hz, W, VA, VAR and PF.
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Low distortion and high stability

Characteristic of the 61600 series single-phase AC power supplies is the low distortion and high stability of the adjustable AC sinus at the output. An optional analog input makes the 61600 series suitable for amplifier operation. Furthermore, these AC power supplies are suitable for switching as a master / slave, which can even be used for a 3-phase output.
The unit can be controlled and read out via an optional digital interface (RS232 + GPIB or USB + LAN) and the free software software. Of course, there are also Labview drivers available if you want to integrate the unit into your own test setup.

The 61600 series from Chroma ATE consists of the following models:

  • 61601, 500VA
  • 61602, 1000VA
  • 61603, 1500VA
  • 61604, 2000VA
  • 61605, 4000VA

For the heavier (12kVA to 90kVA) single- and three-phase models, please refer to the 61611 and 61612 units with master slave options.

In the same line Chroma also carries the 61500 series AC power supplies available with similar specifications but with the addition of testing according to IEC standards.

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