The Chroma 61500 series 3-phase AC power supplies

Chroma ATE carries several series of three-phase AC power supplies, increasing in power range from 1500VA to 90kVA. The 61500 series three-phase AC power supplies are the high-performance models with a range of 12 kVA to 90 kVA.

The output voltage (L-N) can be set for each phase between 0-150Vrms and 0-300Vrms and each phase can be set individually. Because of the adjustable angular rotation per phase, Chroma 61500 Series three-phase AC power supplies are also suitable for simulating an imbalance. The three separate phases can also be combined for the realization of a high-power single-phase power network. The frequency is adjustable from DC 15-1500Hz.
This 61500 series has a so-called directly linked output stage, which also makes it possible to generate a DC or AC+DC output voltage.

IEC standards testing with the Chroma 61500 series?

Characteristic for the Chroma 61500 Series three-phase AC power supplies is the ability to deliberately simulate disturbances. In addition to the function for this so-called Power Line Disturbance (PLD), there is also a possibility to add higher harmonic power to the voltage. Even the output impedance is adjustable which makes this series AC power supplies also suitable for pre compliance testing for Harmonics according to IEC 61000-3-2, Flicker according to IEC 61000-3-3-3, and immunity testing according to IEC 61000-4-13/-4-14/-4-28, such as voltage dips and voltage variations. Additionally, Chroma ATE´s 61500 series has the low distortion and stability of the adjustable AC sinus output.

The standard digital interfaces are RS232, GPIB, USB and LAN. The softpanel software allows simple operation via PC and easy loading of various tests and any specific test routines. Using a separate measurement function, you can also accurately record the magnitudes U, I, Hz, W, W, VA, VAR and PF.
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The Chroma ATE 61500 series consists of the following models:

  • 61511, 12 kVA
  • 61512, 18 kVA
  • A615103, 18 kVA slave unit.


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