The Chroma 61500 series single- and three-phase AC power supplies

The Chroma 61500 series single- and three-phase AC power supplies, containing the 61507, 61508 and 61509 models, have been added to the Chroma 61500 family. These new generation single- and three-phase AC power supplies offer a power range from 3000 VA to 6000 VA. This 61500 series has a so-called directly coupled output stage, making it possible to generate a DC or AC+DC output voltage.


The output voltage (L-N) can be set per phase between 0-175 Vrms or 0-350 Vrms and each phase can be loaded independently of one another. The output can be set by the user for single- or three-phase use. The frequency is adjustable from DC, 15 to 2000Hz.

The Chroma 61500 series is equipped with a harmonics and inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer and is also suitable for Power Line Disturbance (PLD) simulations. To obtain actual measured values, a 16-bit measuring circuit has been used. The 5.7″ colour LCD screen guarantees a good overview of the various settings, parameters and measured values. The 1- and 3-phase AC power supplies from the 61500 series have extensive measuring functions and can be controlled and read out manually as well as via the RS232, GPIB, USB and LAN. As standard, the units are protected for OP, OV, OC and OT.

The 61500 series single and three-phase AC power supplies models

  • 61507, 3000 VA (3×1000 VA)
  • 61508, 4500 VA (3×1500 VA)
  • 61509, 6000 VA (3×2000 VA)


Keywords for these AC power supplies are also: single-phase, three-phase, pure sinewave, low distortion, front control, PLD, remote control via RS232, LAN, GPIB, USB.

Do you have questions about prices and/or delivery times, or do you want a demonstration of one of the Chroma 61500 series single- and three-phase AC power supplies please contact us. We will be happy to advise you in your choice for the best AC power supply for your application.

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