The Chroma 19572 Ground Bond Tester 
The Chroma 19572 Ground Bond Tester offers the possibility to test the quality of the ground connection between the chassis and the connecting cable with high currents up to 45 amps for electrical equipment. This tester has been developed with maximum flexibility and ease of use in mind.

The user interface is simple and effective. The digital display and user friendly controls allow easy input of the test parameters without activating the high voltage. The instrument can be used quickly and can offer the user useful measurement results without extensive training.

The use of an AC test with high current is a better imitation of how the grounding works in practice when the wiring or motor is short-circuited to ground. This verifies that the grounding in the unit can run for 30 or 40 A until the protection or fuse shuts off. Most European standards such as TUV, CE, VDE, UL and CSA recommend this test. Most Hipot testers, on the other hand, only check if there is a connection.

The resistance measurement runs from 0.1 to 510 mΩ. The high and low limits to give a pass/fail indication are set by the user.

This unit can be integrated in an automated production environment with a remote start and GO/NOGO result via the output on the PLC interface on the rear panel.

The 19572 can be used  as a stand-alone or combined with the 19070 series to perform a complete product test at the touch of a button. As soon as the 19572 is finished with the Ground Continuity test and the DUT is succesful, this remote can start the 19070 for a consecutive Hi-pot test.

Calibration of the instrument can be performed via the built-in software.

A190701 : Remote Control Box
A195720 : GPIB Interface
A190510 : PRINTER Interface

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