Chroma Model 19301A Impulsing Winding Tester

The Chroma 19301A Impulse Winding tester is equipped with high/low inductance test technology and has 1000 V impulse voltage and 200 MHz high sample rate with 10 bit resolution. This allows most test requirements for power coils to be met for a wide range of 0.1 µH to 100 µH.

The Chroma 19301A is specially designed for coil testing, using a micro high voltage capacitor (contains small amount of energy) which forms a parallel resonant RLC circuit with the coil under test. By analyzing the decreasing amplitude of the waveform through a fast and advanced sampling technique, you can detect coils with poor insulation. These test results can be stored on a Flash drive via the USB port. The tester offers breakdown voltage test, the patented Contact Check function, a High/Low Inductance test, graphic color display and LAN, USB and RS-232 interfaces.

Options for the 19301A

A193001 : SMD Choke Test Fixture
A193002 : 1m Test Wire + Test Clip
A193003 : 1m Test Wire + Flat Head Cutting
A193004 : 1m Test Cable BNC to BNC (including BNC Male Connector x 2)

Summary of the Chroma 19301A

  • Wide range inductance test application(0.1uH~100uH)
  • IWTest high sampling rate(200MHz)
  • Contact check & test voltage compensation by measured inductance.
  • BreakDown Voltage test function (B.D.V.)


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