The Chroma 19200 Electrical Safety Test Scanner

In recent years, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has set more requirements in the test standards to increase consumer safety. In addition to the AC/DC Hi-Pot test, IR test, component impulse test, GB (groundconnection) test, ELC test, we also need ECLC (ground Leakage Current), PLC (Patient Leakage Current), PALC (Patient Auxiliary Leakage Current) for medical electrical equipment safety tests. Performing all the test is complicated and differs every time. With the Chroma 19200 there is a product on the market that meets these requirements.


The Chroma 19200 can switch high and low voltage and scan all safety tests with the inputs of the EST Analyzer Chroma 19032P. All channels can perform 5 kVac / 6 kVdc and 40mA fault tests; a number of modules support 20 A for leakage current and function test; GB and GBF modules support 40 A and floating over ground. Control is via RS-232, GPIB or USB interface.

The Chroma 19200 can be installed in the Chroma 8900 Automatic Test System for DUT that has to go through a variety of test procedures such as medical equipment, medical power supplies, UPS, motors, and so on. The ATS saves manpower, reduces errors and manages the data to improve quality and efficiency.

Because different products also require different requirements and test procedures, Chroma 19200 offers different scanning modules that can be combined. The modules are: AC Line module, General module, AC Line 2 module, Earth module, GB and GBF module and a Switch module.

The Chroma 19200 can support up to 288 test points via eight removable module slots and up to eight units for multiple master/slave scanners.

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