The Chroma 19055 Hipot Analyzer

The Chroma 19055 Hipot analyzer is designed for hipot testing and analysis. The AD/DC/IR tests can is programmable in 5 kV / 100 mA with an output power of 500 VA, in accordance with the EN50191 standard.

In addition to these tests, the 19055-C version contains a new measurement technology – Corona Discharge Detection (CDD), which according to the Discharge Level Analysis (DLA) test can detect the following:
-Corona discharge Start Voltage (CSV)
-Flashover Start Voltage (FSV)
-Breakdown Voltage (BDV)

Regarding the Contact Check during Hipot test: in addition to the Open Short Check (OSC), the Chroma 19055 series is also equipped with a new function, the High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC). Carrying out the Contact Check during the Hipot test significantly increases reliability and efficiency.

The unit has a large LCD display for operation and reading. The earth leakage protection and floating safety outputs provide protection for the user.

Chroma 19055 Hipot Analyzer Applications

-Test motor stator and rotor testing
-Transfer transformer corona testing
-Test high-voltage capacitor, opto-coupler and insulating material.


19055     Hipot Analyzer AC/DC/IR
19055-C Hipot Analyzer AC/DC/IR (with Corona discharge detection)


  • A190356: GPIB Interface
  • A190702: 40kV HV Test Probe
  • A190708: ARC (Flashover) Verification Fixture
  • A190344: HV Gun (SP02)

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