The Chroma 19050 and 19070 series AC/DC/IR Hipot Testers 

A complete solution for dielectric testing with the 19050 and 19070 Hipot tester.
The Chroma 19050 series Hipot testers are sophisticated digital hipot testers with load and line regulation to ensure the integrity of measurement. The possibility of multistep makes it possible to perform multiple tests sequentially such as AC Hipot followed by insulation resistance test.

The 19050 series has three versions: the 19052 is for AC/DC/IR Hipot testing and isolation resistance measurements (IR); the 19053 offers eight channels for IR measurements in a single unit; and the 19054 offers four channels for IR measurement in a single compact instrument.

The Chroma Hipot Tester 19070 series includes two versions from which you can choose. The 19071 is for AC Hipot testing. The 19073 combines both AC and DC Hipot with insulation resistance (IR) measurements in one compact instrument.

Open Short Check (OSC)
The OSC function is used to check whether the circuit between the instrument and the DUT is open and whether there is a short circuit in the DUT for the safety test.

Transfer detection
The 19050 and 19070 Hipot Tester units are sensitive enough to control current peaks even though they do not exceed the maximum trip current level.

Ground Continuity Check (GC)

All 19050 series testers have the ability to determine whether the resistance between the grounding pin of the power cord and any metal part of the enclosure is less than 1 MΩ.

Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI)
This is required in humid environments. These devices automatically disconnect the power supply when a ground fault current greater than 0.5 mA occurs to protect users.

Quick Discharge
In DC Hipot and IR tests, the DUT is discharged back via the high-voltage transformer. This technique ensures fast and safe discharge.


19071 : AC Hipot Tester
19073 : AC/DC/IR Hipot Tester
19052 : Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR)
19053 : Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR/ 8CH SCAN)
19054 : Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR/ 4CH SCAN)


A190701 : Remote Control Box
A190702 : 40kV Test Probe
A190704 : Start Switch
A190706 : 19″ Rack Mount Kit
A190708 : ARC Verification Fixture
A190344 : HV Gun (SP02)
A190508 : GPIB Interface
A190512 : Auto Control TR. Scan Box
A190517 : 19″ Rack Mount Kit

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