The Chroma 19036 Wound Component EST Analyzer

The Chroma 19036 is the first Wound Component Electrical Safety Test Analyzer on the market that combines the functions impulse test, hipot, insulation resistance and DC resistance measurements. This analyzer has a 5kVac/ 6kVdc high voltage output, 5kV insulation resistance, 6kV layer short impulse voltage and four-wire DC resistance measurement that meets wound component testing requirements by providing up to ten output channels for multi-channel testing that saves time and money.

Tests for wound components include AC/DC hipot test, IR test, IWT (Impulse Winding Test) and DCR (DC resistance). Chroma integrates the above tests into the 19036 Wound Component EST Analyzer which can perform safety tests on motors, transformers and solenoid valves to verify their quality.

Option for the 19036

For the 19036, the A190359, a 16 channel HV External Scanning BOX is available as an option.


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