The Model 19020 series Multi-Channel Hipot Tester from Chroma

The Hipot test is one of the most important electrical safety tests. All electronic components and devices, including transformers, capacitors, power supplies, chargers and consumer equipment require the Hipot test. With more than 25 years of experience in developing test and measurement instruments, Chroma has created the Chroma 19020 multi-channel Hipot tester with a brand new design. The tester can measure the Hipot leakage current of all channels simultaneously and perform tests on 100 DUTs simultaneously.

It is not necessary to purchase several Hipot testers. The one-time multi channel test can efficiently perform the prescribed test.

This tester tests up to 5kVac/ 6kVdc high voltage, 8kVdc for the 19022 versions. The insulation resistance measurement runs from 1 MΩ to 50 GΩ.

The 19020 has powerful functions for transshipment detection and open/short circuit testing (OSC, Open/Short Check) as well as programmable voltage and time parameters for various DUT characteristics in order to increase the reliability and quality of the product.

The 19020 series is a extended safety tester for power cords, capacitors, resistors, switches, connectors, transformers, chargers and adapters.


19020 Multi-Channel Hipot Tester
19020-4 Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (4CH)
19021 Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (AC)
19022-4 Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (DC/IR/4CH)
19022 Multi-Channel Hipot Tester (DC/IR)

Options for the 19020

A190200 19″ rack mounting kit for 19020
A190508 GPIB Interface


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