The Chroma 16502 MilliOhm meter has been added to the already extensive product portfolio. With a basic accuracy of 0.05%, the instrument offers a 0.001 mΩ to 1.9999 MΩ measurement range and 4½ digit resolution. Measurement time is fast at 65 ms. This makes it possible to use it as a component evaluation in a production line.

The instrument offers three ways of measuring for different material applications. The pulse-current test method is used to limit thermal EMF on the milliOhm measurement. A DC test current is used to quickly measure inductive DUTs. The dry-circuit test current is used to measure transition resistors where the maximum open-circuit voltage should not exceed 20 mV. These three ways allow the Chroma 16502 to properly measure DC resistance for various inductive components such as coils, chokes, filters and transformer windings, cables, contacts in connectors, relays, switches and conductive materials.

The Chroma 16502 offers temperature correction regardless of material or temperature. In addition, it offers a temperature conversion function for evaluation of motor and coil. To ensure the integrity of the measurement, the test tool is connected via a four-wire Kelvin connection and measurement errors are compensated by the wiring through an automatic zero function.

The built-in interfaces such as RS-232 and an optional GPIB interface allow use in both the lab and production environment.

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