The Chroma 11050 series LCR meters are versatile and accurate meters with a frequency range from 60 Hz to 5 MHz, 1 kHz to 10 MHz or 75 kHz to 30 MHz. The standard measurement functions are L, C, R, Z, Y, Q, D, θ and DCR on the 11050 and 11050-5M.

The measuring voltage is adjustable between 10 mV and 1 V with a resolution of 10 mV. The 11050 series LCR meters have an adjustable output impedance.

These LCR meters offer special measuring functions. Besides the standard LCR, Limit and Bin test methods, there is the LCRZ mode. The LCRZ mode is designed for testing frequency and voltage dependent parameters. The impedance of capacitors and coils and equivalent series resistance are usually affected by changes in frequency. And because of its dielectric properties, the capacity of a ceramic capacitor depends on the test voltage. The LCRZ mode makes it easy to evaluate these characteristics.

The bias scan function and bias compare function are designed for testing the saturation characteristic of magnetic components. The self-inductance and impedance of a coil decrease with the increase in bias current. The Chroma 11050 HF LCR meter can control the current setting and output thanks to the integrated bias power source. Bias scanning mode is useful for programming the test process.

There is a Pass/Fail function available for sorting components, a parameter sweep mode up to 401 measurement points and a dual frequency function. For automation there is an RS232/GPIB interface and a LAN/USB-H interface.


11050 HF LCR Meter, 1kHz~10MHz
11050-5M HF LCR Meter, 60Hz~5MHz
11050-30M HF LCR Meter, 75kHz~30MHz


A110211 Test fixture (DIP)
A110234 Test leads (1M)
A110501 4-terminal SMD test fixture
A133509 GPIB & Handler interface
A133510 LAN & USB-H interface
B110500 Extension test lead for automation (BNC to SMA, 1M)

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