The BP4610 bipolar power supply

The BP4610 bipolar power supply of NF Corporation is a four quadrant DC power supply. The bipolar design implies that this power supply can also be used as an electronic load. This is also known as the Source and Sink mode. In all quadrants the load functions in a Constant Voltage mode or a Constant Current mode. Using the analog input, the BP4610 can also be used as a four quadrant amplifier with a frequency range from DC to 150kHz.

The bipolar power supply/amplifier is very suitable for applications where energy is dissipated and also generated in a load. These include electromagnets, capacitive loads, but also piezo electric materials and, for example, Fuel Cells. A bipolar power supply is therefore ideally suited to replace a DC power supply in such configurations and to guarantee safe operation.


The BP4610 bipolar power supply has a voltage range of ± 60V. In addition, a DC offset of ± 55V is possible, which ensures that you can also work from -5V to +115V or, of course, -115V to +5V. The current range is ± 10A with a peak value of ± 30A. By default, the BP4610 also has a function generator output with a sine and square wave. For very specific waveforms there are 16 memory locations available (1024 points at 16-bit resolution) for arbitrary signals. And all these waveforms can be combined with a sequential mode of 255 steps.

The BP models are:

NF BP 4610 (±60V, ±10A)
NF BP 4620 (±60V, ±20A)


The maximum output power of the BP4610 bipolar power supply is 1200W. The BP4620 (the heavier brother of) has an output power of 2400W.
The BP models come standard with a USB interface and software for easy loading of arbitrary waveforms.

For a complete overview of our bipolar power supplies, please check this page.


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