Cinergia B2C series bidirectional battery charger

  • 2 quadrant DC source
  • Bi-directional (energy recovery)
  • Power: 10 kVA – 200 kVA
  • DC voltage 20V to 750V
  • Optional isolated outputs
  • Bipolar 350V to -350V

Cinergia B2C series bidirectional battery charger

The Cinergia B2C series bidirectional battery chargers are part of a DC product line. The B2C units can be used for both charging and discharging of a battery. Therefore, this model works both as a DC power supply and DC load. When discharged, the energy is not converted into heat (as most loads do) but is returned to the Electric Grid.

This product line of bi-directional battery chargers is suitable for so-called 2Q and 4Q applications: for use in both bipolar current and bipolar voltage applications. Charging a battery is controlled via an IUoU algorithm. A discharge can occur at a constant current, a constant power or via a fixed resistance value. Loading and unloading profiles are easy to program via an Excel file.

The various options

The B2C is available from 9 kW to 160 kW and contains three individual inlet channels. Each channel can be used independently, allowing programming of different voltage, current and power values. Parallel switching of the three channels offers the user one in- and output with power in its entirety. Depending on the model, a current of 15A to 185A per channel is available within the voltage range from 20 to 750 Vdc (optional 800V). In parallel mode, this equates to 45A to 555A. When using the B2C battery chargers it is recommended to use the optional isolation transformer to achieve galvanic isolation.

The Cinergia B2C series bidirectional battery chargers models have extensive measurement functions and can be operated manually as well as via the standard LAN Ethernet with Modbus/TCP protocol. Optionally, RS485, RS232 or CANbus communication is also possible. The specifically developed Graphical user interface is standard available.

The different models of the Cinergia B2C series bidirectional battery charger

Cinergia B2C series battery chargers consist of the following models:

  • B2C10 (9kW)
  • B2C15 (13,5kW)
  • B2C20 (18kW)
  • B2C30 (27kW)
  • B2C40 (36kW)
  • B2C50 (45kW)
  • B2C60 (54kW)
  • B2C80 (72kW)
  • B2C100 (90kW)
  • B2C120 (108kW)
  • B2C160 (128kW)
  • B2C200 (160kW)


For a complete overview of the bipolar DC power supplies carried by TTMS, please check the specific page bipolar power supplies.


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