The Aim-TTi TGP3100 series Pulse and Universal Generators

We no longer have this series in our product range, please refer to our overview page.

The Aim-TTi TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all digital techniques. They can replicate the capabilities of traditional pulse generators whilst adding many additional facilities such as pulse modulations. Unlike DDS based function generators the TGP3100 Series can generate pulses with very high resolution of width and delay (100ps), and can operate in an asynchronously triggered mode with low jitter. A high drive capability output stage enables up to 20 volts pk-pk to be driven into a 50 Ohm load. As well as operating as pulse generators, the instruments can act as high performance noise generators and as function/arbitrary generators – making them truly universal waveform generators. Single and dual channel models are available with a maximum frequency of either 50MHz or 25MHz.

The Aim-TTTi TG3100 series

This AWG series includes four models: One or two channels up to 25 MHz or 50 MHz.

  • TGP3152 – 50 MHz, two channels
  • TGP3122 – 25 MHz, two channels
  • TGP3151 – 50 MHz, one channel
  • TGP3121 – 25 MHz, one channel


A GPIB Interface Kit is optionally available.

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