The Aim-TTi TG251xA and TG501xA series function generators

We no longer have this series in our product range, please refer to our overview page.

TG251xA and TG501xA function generators of Aim-TTi carry a frequency range from 1 µHz to 25 MHz or 50 MHz. There are single channel and double-channel versions with an extensive collection of modulations and options. There are versions with remote control via USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN interface are available. The sampling speed is 125 MS/s and resolution 14 bit.

TG251xA and TG501xA function generators models

The series consitst of four models: a combination of one or two channels with a frequency range up to 25 MHz or 50 MHz.
TG5012A – 50 MHz, with two channels
TG2512A – 25 MHz, with two channels
TG5011A – 50 MHz, with one channel
TG2511A – 25 MHz, with one channel


There is a GPIB interface kit optionally available for the mentioned models.

Short summary

  • 1 µHz to 25 MHz / 50 MHz
  • 125 MS/s, 14 bit
  • 64 k or 128 k points per channel
  • Four available models
  • One or two channels
  • Includes USB and LAN interface
  • GPIB interface is optional

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