The Aim-TTI 1604 Digital Multimeter (EOL)

The Aim-TTI 1604 is no longer available (EOL). Please refer to the Aim-TTI 1908 or take a look at the overview of Digital Multimeters via this link.

The Aim-TTi 1604 digital Multimeter is an affordable tabletop digital multimeter (DMM) with a large and bright 4¾ digit LED display. The accuracy is 0.08 %. True RMS AC measurements can be performed over a wide bandwidth. The 1604 can perform frequency measurements, test diodes and ‘peep through’ connections. With Smart Functions relative measurements are possible and min and max values can be stored.

Through the isolated RS-232 interface the instrument can be logged and controlled.

The 1604 in a brief summary:

  • 4¾-Digit Display (40,000 Counts)
  • Auto/manual ranging
  • Accuracy 0.08 %; resolution 10 µV, 10 mΩ and 0.1 µA
  • True RMS ac functions; wide ac bandwidth
  • Smart functions


Digital multimeters explained:

The DMM or too digital multimeter is available in many versions. Of course there is a distinction between portable battery-powered DMMs and table top DMMs.
In addition, you have different resolutions. The digital multimeter in handheld version you have in 3.5 digits to even 5.5 digits. For the table top models we start at 4.5 digits up to 6.5 digits.

Besides measuring voltage, current, resistance and frequency, there are also models that can measure capacity, temperature and power. Most table model DMM’s also have mathematical functions like min/max determination, average, dB and dBm. Some models also have a dual display function and even a scanner card so that measurements can be taken at multiple locations.


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