The Quantum Data 881D video generator is no longer available and has been replaced by the Quantum Data 780C and the Quantum Data 804B.

The Quantum Data 881D is a video test generator specifically for R&D and production. This generator has a wide range of outputs:
dual link DVI output (330MHz clock)
An analog output (using DVI-A connector, 400MHz clock)
an HDMI 1.1 output (165 MHz clock)
a composite video output (BNC and s-video) for PAL and NTSC
Optional SDI / HD-SDI output optionally

Versatile video generator

All standard TV formats and PC formats are pre-programmed (>200 formats), but if you need a different format, this can easily be created with the format editor. This also applies to the test images. By default these are already more than 200, but you also have the option to create your own images in a bitmap (JPEG or PNG format).

The Quantum Data 881D can be controlled via the RS232, GPIB or LAN interface. If you want to work with the same formats and images in multiple locations, this is also possible via the LAN interface. The images and formats to be used are then located on a server where they can be managed centrally. Ideal for a multi-station production environment.

If you want to work with higher versions of the HDMI standard, please refer to the 804B video generator.
If you want a combination of HDMI, DisplayPort and SDI, the 980B is a possible option.

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