The Quantum Data 804 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Quantum Data 804B Video Generator.

The Quantum Data 804 is a video test generator specifically for R&D and production. This generator has four HDMI 1.3 outputs so that all inputs of a TV set can be tested without a splitter. There is also a composite video output (BNC and s-video) for PAL and NTSC. In addition, there is also a VGA output for RGB signals and YPbPr. Through the HDMI output (225MHz clock) single link DVI can also be outputted (up to 165MHz). There is also an audio signal generator provided.

Operation is easy with the 4.3 inch touch screen. In addition, there is the possibility of using the RS-232 interface to perform the operation entirely via the PC. All common formats for both TV and PC monitors are provided as standard. You can also choose from more than 30 different test images, including 3D test images. If this is not sufficient, you can also create your own test images in the form of a bitmap image. EDID, HDCP and CEC testing are standard. There is a rack mount option, if you want to install the generator in a 19 inch rack.

The 804 video generator is part of the Quantum Data 804 series. In addition to the 804, this consists of 2 more models:
804B 4x HDMI 2.0
804A 4x HDMI 1.4

For remote locations, please refer to the Quantum Data 780 series.
And for compliance testing there is the 980B series.

Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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