The Chroma 63800 series AC loads

The Chroma 63800 series AC loads are electronic AC + DC loads for both AC voltage and DC applications. This series is available in 1800, 3600 or 4500W versions and is suitable for voltages from 50V to 350Vrms. The frequency range is 40 to 440Hz.
There is a possibility of an adjustable Crest Factor from 1,414 to 5. The 63800 loads also have the possibility of a RLC mode and Inrush mode. In RLC mode it is possible to simulate a rectifier as load. In inrush mode, a capacitive or inductive load simulation is possible, where the phase angle of engagement can also be programmed.

The 63800 units are basically single phase AC loads, yet by using a master / slave function, they can also be used as a three-phase star load. To increase the power, the master / slave function can also be used with up to 5 units. This is even possible in combination with the three phase function. By default, the 63800 series AC/DC loads are equipped with an RS232 and GPIB interface for remote control.

Software for the 63800 series AC loads

For these AC loads software panel software is also standard included. This makes setting up the load for advanced functions a lot easier. Consider, for example, different dynamic load profiles and the set-up of a three-phase load with different phase angles and load profiles.

The 63800 series AC loads feature extensive measurement functions. Think of V, I, PF, CF, Hz, Inrush current, THD, etc. This makes the use of an external power analyzer rather unnecessary.

AC loads are used in test applications at UPS, off GRID inverters, AC sources and other power components such as switches, fuses and connectors.

The 63800 series models are

  • 63802, 1800Watt
  • 63803, 3600Watt
  • 63804, 4500Watt



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