62000P series DC power supplies

The 62000P series DC power supplies by Chroma ATE are what we call Constant Power DC power supplies. Power supplies with a relatively high voltage range, a high current range but limited power. This can be best explained with numbers. Model 62006P-100-25 for example: this is a power supply that can be set on 0-100V and 0-25A. With a standard power supply, you might think of a total power of 2500W , but in this case the power is limited to 600W.
It makes this series of power supplies available for many applications and still relatively cheap.


The P Series is available in capacities of 600W, 1200W, 2400W and 5000W.
The voltage ranges run from 0-30V to 0-600V, and the power ranges are 0-8A to 0-120A.
In addition to the constant power mode, these power supplies can also be used in Constant Voltage mode and Constant Current mode.
When you need more power, these power supplies are easy to include in a master/slave arrangement. As such, the load is evenly distributed over the power supplies.

Special features

Special features of these power supplies include the voltage ramp function, but also the adjustable ascent and descent time of both current and voltage.
Next, this can be combined with an auto sequence function with up to 100 steps. In this way, specific DC waveforms can be put together, for example, for specific tests in the automotive industry. For accurate measurements, there is a 16-bit read/back function for voltage and current. This makes the use of an external shunt, DMM or multiplexer unnecessary in many cases.

The 62000P series DC power supplies consist of the following models:

  • 62006P-30P-3080: Programmable DC Power Supply, 30V/80A/600W
  • 62006006P-100-25: Programmable DC Power Supply, 100V/25A/600W
  • 62006006P-300-8: Programmable DC Power Supply, 300V/8A/600W
  • 62012P-40-120: Programmable DC Power Supply, 40V/120A/120A/1200W
  • 62012P-80-60: Programmable DC Power Supply, 80V/60A/1200W
  • 62012P-100-50: Programmable DC Power Supply, 100V/50A/1200W
  • 62012P-600-8: Programmable DC Power Supply, 600V/8A/1200W
  • 62024P-40-120: Programmable DC Power Supply, 40V/120A/2400W
  • 62024P-80P-60: Programmable DC Power Supply, 80V/60A/2400W
  • 62024P-100-50: Programmable DC Power Supply, 100V/50A/2400W
  • 62024P-600-8: Programmable DC Power Supply, 600V/8A/2400W
  • 6205050P-100-100: Programmable DC Power Supply, 100V/100A/5000W


The unique ability of the 62000P series power supplies to create complex DC waveforms makes this DC power supply ideal for testing applications within the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, such as DC-DC converters, engine start-up simulation and battery testing.

In addition to the Chroma 62000P series Constant power supplies, we also carry a number of suppliers with similar power supplies in their product portfolio.

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