Chroma 62000B series modular DC power supplies

The 62000B series of programmable DC power supplies of Chroma ATE are modular power supplies and ideally suited for use in burn-in and chemical/electrolysis applications. The so-called N+1 redundancy makes the 62000B series particularly suitable for 24-hour, non stop use in test and production installations. If necessary, the modules are interchangeable without stopping the test fixture (hot – swappable).

The 62000B family consists of five different power supply modules in the range from 1 to 150Vdc, from 10A to 90A, which can be placed in a 3- or 6-lock mainframe. In the 6-lock mainframe, for example, up to 6 power modules can automatically be connected in parallel up to a power output of 9 kW per frame. In addition, parallel switching is possible up to 14 mainframes. The CAN communication bus is used for the control and power distribution of and between the mainframes.

The 62000B series modular DC power supplies have a high power density, a low current ripple and are particularly cost-effective. This series is especially developed for burn-in applications such as LCD panels, DC-DC converters, power inverters, notebook computers, battery chargers and many other electronic devices.

Chroma ATE carries a versatile range of programmable DC power supplies for laboratory use, which are also highly suitable for use in ATE systems. Available in power ratings from 600 W to 150 kW, with an output voltage of up to 1000 Vdc.

The 62000-B series models are

  • 62015B-15-90 : DC Power Supply Module, 15V/90A/1350W
  • 62015B-30-50 : DC Power Supply Module, 30V/50A/1500W
  • 62015B-60-25 : DC Power Supply Module, 60V/25A/1500W
  • 62015B-80-18 : DC Power Supply Module, 80V/18A/1440W
  • 62015B-150-10 : DC Power Supply Module, 150V/10A/1500W
  • 62000B-3-1 : Three Position 62000B Mainframe
  • 62000B-6-1 : Six Position 62000B Mainframe

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