The Chroma 19056/19057 series Hipot Analyzers 
The Chroma Hipot 19056/19057 analyzers are specifically designed for the testing and analysis of ultra-high crossover voltages. There are versions available with 10 kVac / 12 kVdc / 20 kVdc with maximum AC 20 mA / DC 10 mA output, which can carry out AC/DC cross voltage and insulation resistance tests with Contact Check in the production line. In addition to the patented OSC (Open Short Check), the High Voltage Contact Check has been added to test components with high insulation value to improve the reliability and efficiency of the test.

The 19056/19057 Hipot analyzer can carry out tests for high throughput voltage of opto-couplers, high-voltage relays, high-voltage switches and photovoltaic modules.

For DC throughput voltage tests, these analyzers can quickly build up their test voltage to carry out efficient production tests.

This series has Flashover (ARC) detection function, Discharge Level Analysis (DLA), Flashover Start Voltage indication (FSV) and BreakDown Voltage Test (BDV).

The unit has a large LCD display for operation and reading. The earth leakage protection is there to protect the user.


19056                     : Hipot Analyzer AC10kV
19057                     : Hipot Analyzer DC12kV/IR
19057-20              : Hipot Analyzer DC20kV/IR

A190508               : GPIB Interface
A190702               : 40kV High Voltage Testing Rod
A190708               : ARC (Flashover) Verification Fixture

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