1865+ MegOhmmeter/IR IET Tester

The 1865+ digital Megohmmeter/IR Tester from IET is used for very accurate measurement of high resistance and insulation resistance. This meter has an adjustable limit for pass/fail testing and is equipped with USB host and RS-232 interface.

The measuring range runs from the 1865+ MegOhmmeter 11 kΩ to 100 TΩ, depending on the test voltage. The basic accuracy is 0.5%. To be able to apply the requested tests in a wide range of applications, the test voltage is adjustable up to 1000 Vdc. The measuring range is set automatically and thus errors due to incorrect settings are prevented. Also an automatic zero setting routine can be done by the user.

The settings and test programs can easily be entered via the menu. Measurement results and test settings can be stored in CSV format on the internal 512 MB memory or exchanged with a PC via the optional IEEE interface or via a USB flash drive.

Automatic tests can be controlled via the IEEE-488 and I/O interface outputs.

To protect the user, the meter is equipped with current limitation, interlock and an indicator when the high voltage is active.


  • IEEE Interface 7000-23
  • Rear Panel Input 1865-03
  • Rack Mount Kit 1865-50
  • Shielded Lead Set 1865-51
  • Component Test Fixture 1865-52

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