AC loads

AC loads in the form of test and measurement equipment are used for simulation of electrical devices connected to an Alternating Current (AC ) power grid. They are often there for single phase and/or three phase systems.

By using AC loads, we can check the energy source for certain properties and see if the energy source also meets certain standards.
Think of simulating dimmers, testing switches, fuses, etc.
Besides components, AC sources such as UPS systems, (solar) inverters, frequency converters, AC generators and AC power supplies are also tested with AC loads.

Does the AC source work properly at a certain Power Factor, Crest Factor, phase shift in a three-phase system, or certain harmonic distortions?
In TTMS’ product portfolio, we still distinguish between pure resistance AC loads and electronic AC loads where we electrically simulate a certain load.
The AC loads come with capacities from single-phase 500VA to three-phase 1,200kVA systems.

In frequency range we look up to max 2400Hz with the exception of a small single phase bipolar unit up to 150kHz. Voltage ranges run from 277Vl-n to 440Vl-n allowing us to test any standard grid in the world.

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