With the IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System, Itech brings a brand new innovative and advanced technology to the market. The Itech IT-M3600 combines a bi-directional power supply and a regenerative electronic load in one housing. Only one button is needed to switch between these two functions. This means that it can be used not only as a stand-alone power supply to provide power; but also as an independent electronic load to sink energy and feed it back to the local grid with high efficiency (up to 95%). The IT-M3600 is a ground-breaking high-tech product and eco-friendly. This by eliminating heat dissipation to a minimum level, resulting in cost savings. The regenerative IT-M3600 power system can fully contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Multiple channels

Breaking through traditional technological barriers gives the IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System its flexible modular design, resulting in an ultra-compact housing of only 1U half-rack. It supports multi-channel output configurations where each channel can be synchronized in parallel mode. Users can configure each channel according to the testing requirements of DUT. The IT-M3600 can output up to 16*16 channels while the traditional instrument supports up to 32 channels. In addition, multiple channels can be connected in parallel to extend the power test range. Therefore, it may be convenient to integrate multiple units into the system. The test efficiency has been increased by twice, which largely saves your energy and costs.


The full range of models supports stacking and parallel connection of multiple units. The new range will enable users to innovate and implement technological advances faster and more accurately. Due to the built-in battery test function, this IT-M3600 series is ideally suited for multiple, or multi-channel, charging and discharging tests for batteries and accumulators. Each unit can be operated completely independently and proves to be very easy to operate.

During the discharge test, an energy recovery efficiency of up to 95% can be achieved, which directly contributes to saving electricity costs.

CC/CV Mode

The Itech IT-M3600 offers innovative CC/CV priority setting to maximize compatibility with different loop characteristics to be tested, allowing companies or universities to save on equipment procurement costs. Under the priority mode of CV, the Itech IT-M3600 can achieve a higher voltage climb rate. Switching to CC priority mode, can realize that there is no overshoot of the starting current. It is suitable for semiconductor tests that are sensitive to current, such as laser chips.

The series forms a family of bi-directional, regenerative power systems with excellent performance and high precision output and measurement. The system is ideally suited for various tests in multiple fields, such as multi-module battery test, multi-channel power test, inspection, quality and design verification research.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the datasheet.


Hans Verhees

Hans Verhees

Victron Energy

We don’t buy measuring instruments, we purchase solutions for specific measurement problems. I like to buy from TTMS, given their knowledge of test solutions in power electronics. I hate sellers. TTMS helps us to make the right choice. They even come up with instrumentation from manufacturers they do not represent themselves. And always with the perfect service: they are not complicated and just arrange what is needed.

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

Jan Serné

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

In my role within the calibration and quality lab, it is a continuous striving for quality for me. In order to ensure this, the right support from, amongst others, suppliers is essential. TTMS understands this like no other, and I have been doing business with them for years. If I need to describe the business relationship with TTMS, it would be that it’s both constructive and instinctive. The measurement instrumentation is reliable. In addition to this, TTMS’ expertise of test and measuring equipment complements the STCA.


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