The Cropico Series 3000 is a digital thermometer of very high accuracy (0.01 °C) and very high resolution (0.001 °C) at an economical price. To ensure that the very best measurements are achieved, PRT probe characteristics may be entered and stored using either CVd or ITS90 coefficients. The measuring current may be reduced by 0.707 to determine self-heating of the probe and may also be reversed automatically to optimise any thermal emf errors.

The Series 3000 digital thermometer comes with many options. 2 channel inputs which enable you to compare thermocouples directly against a standard PRT (platinum resistance thermometers). This is ideal for those wishing to calibrate thermocouples. It also lets you measure or calibrate any mix of probe types (Pt25/Pt100/Thermocouple, RTD/RTD, Thermocouple / Thermocouple) and display A, B or A-B on a large LCD Graphics Panel (240×64 Dot, LED back light contrast control via keyboard). The Series 3000 is linearised for 13 thermocouples Pt25 and Pt100: the choice of which to display is yours. You can automate your measurements by using the optional the RS232 or IEEE-488 interfaces.

The Series 3000 digital thermometer provides a maths functions to enable the statistical analysis of stored or filtered values to be displayed (mean, max/min, peak values, standard deviations). You do not need a separate data logger. The display may also be set to display the rolling average value and standard deviation. You can store up to 4000 single channel readings with date and time (2000 dual channel). The stored values can be recalled to the instrument display and scrolled through using the keyboard or can be downloaded to a PC file or printer.

The Series 3000 digital thermometer gives approximately 8 hours of continuous operation thanks to the rechargeable sealed lead acid battery. A mains internal charger is also built in for added convenience and flexibility. It is very ruggedly constructed and housed in an aluminium case for maximum safety.
A scanner (optional) can be fitted to a slot in the rear panel. Two types are available for thermocouple or RTD scanning. Two scanner cards may be fitted per instrument, each card has 4 channels, the front input sockets are also available giving up to a maximum of 10 channels. There is no reduction in accuracy performance when the scanner cards are used.

For detailed information about this thermometer just click Cropico 3000.


Arnold Memelink

Arnold Memelink


"The ABB Power Grids Jumet organisation is an innovative development and production facility of ABB that manufactures active filters and battery energy storage systems to support a stable grid. To test these systems we have acquired two Cinergia GE/EL +120kVA eplus units capable of doing grid emulation (AC + DC), operating as an electronic load (AC +DC) and being a battery emulator. We have experienced very good support from TTMS in obtaining these two Cinergia units. This included organising an on-site demonstration and supplying loan systems prior to the delivery of our final systems. This way we could start testing as early as possible. TTMS also organised training for the operators from the original manufacturer. This support allowed us to introduce the first battery energy storage systems even prior to the full delivery of the Cinergia systems."

University of Luxembourg

Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi

University of Luxembourg

“At the Energy and Environment department of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) of the University of Luxembourg we do have different research projects related to green energy contributing to the development of eco-cities. As a long-standing partner of our research unit, TT&MS has proven that they are able to answer even the most complex questions in a professional manner. They have shown that they are always up to date with the latest technology and do not spare any effort to look at the application and even the situation on site. The exchange of ideas was always very pleasant and took place quickly. We look forward to further years of fruitful cooperation.”


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