Temperature meters

Isotech has an innovative range of precision thermometers to meet the needs of all laboratories, from the demanding NMIs to those requiring industrial sensors to calibrate.

For example, the microK precision thermometry bridge, which can be used with the matching microK Expander, in combination with the best Standard Platinum Resistance thermometers, thermistors and thermocouples with uncertainties of better than 0.0001℃.

For the primary level, TTMS also has the automated primary resistance/thermometry bridge. This can be an excellent alternative when a primary laboratory also maintains standard resistors.

The microK family has unparalleled convenience and flexibility, with performance that previously could only be achieved with the best AC resistors.

In addition to the microK for the primary lab, for the secondary lab there are the cost-effective milliK and the TTI-22 Precision Thermometers with performance up to 1 mK.

In addition, for infrared measurements there is Isotech’s surface temperature gauge model 944.

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