Temperature calibration primary laboratories, secondary laboratories, and industrial applications

With regard to temperature calibration, TTMS has everything it takes to set up a primary laboratory with a wide range of industrial temperature solutions.

TTMS offers solutions from the English company Isotech for the primary lab.

Many national laboratory feature Isotech solutions for their realization of ITS-90. Solutions such as the extremely stable temperature baths for comparative measurements, the different fixed points cells – which are defined for ITS-90, the most accurate temperature sensors in the form of SPRTs, and reference thermocouples. Naturally, there are also various types of measurement and comparison equipment, such as highly stable thermometers and measuring bridges.

For the secondary lab, we supply different kinds of comparative baths for both low and high temperatures. Here, too, are various meters and sensors to perform the correct and most effective temperature calibrations.

For industrial temperature calibrations we carry the so-called dry block, or dry well. It derives its name from the fact that a homogeneous metal block with an extremely stable temperature gradient is used to compare the to be tested temperature sensor to the reference sensor, instead of a liquid.

These temperature calibrators also perform comparative measurements of the to be tested sensor with a reference thermometer or sensor.

In addition, Isotech has a unique range that combines the dry block and liquid bath.

Like we said, TTMS’ selection of temperature calibrators is wide. It can be divided into three groups:

– Temperature sources: liquid baths, ovens, and dry blocks
– Temperature measurement: thermometers and measuring bridges
– Sensors: SPRTs and thermocouples

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