Decade banks

TTMS has a variety of decade banks, which can cover a wide range of applications.
For field, laboratory or in automated systems. There are models for resistance, capacity and induction. There are also combination models.

The decade banks can be used as lab standard, working standard and transfer standard, but also in the design of electronic circuits, where the decade bank is used as a substitute to determine the correct component value. The decade banks of IET LABS are mostly based on the original developments of GenRad, ESI and QuadTech.

Depending on the application, there is a wide choice in parameters, range and accuracy. Besides the manual models, there are also models that can be used in automatic calibration systems using the RS232.

Almost every model of IET can be delivered in many different ranges.

The high resistance decade of Meatest can be used broadcast for the calibration of isolation testers, megaohmmeters, safety testers, Hipot testers and more.

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